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Alumni Letter from ACB President

Dear Gamma Chi Alumni,

I hope this letter finds all of you well. As you are fully aware, the Gamma Chi Chapter of Delta Sigma Phi initiated 80 new brothers this past winter and received full re-chartering approval from National in July of 2012. The ACB also signed a new housing agreement with Drexel University in August of 2012. The current undergraduate chapter is successfully incorporating themselves back into the Drexel University community and fully participating in everything from community service & philanthropic events to Inter-Fraternal Council (IFC) and Greek Week events. We hope that over the next few months each alumni brother has the opportunity to attend one of our many alumni events to meet this great group of young men and recognize that this new generation of Gamma Chi brothers holds the same values and integrity that our Fraternity has held for the past 55 years.

The sole reason for this communication to our alumni base is to inform you that we are quickly approaching a hard deadline set by Drexel University and the National Fraternity to raise $150,000 in cash and pledges by the end of 2012 to complete mandatory maintenance and renovations to our Chapter House at 214 N. 34th Street. These required renovations are necessary to bring our house up to code and livable standards for our undergraduates. If we are unable to raise this amount of money in the allotted time, Drexel’s Residential Life Department will take over full management of the Chapter House and turn our Chapter House into a generic Drexel Dorm.

As a Chapter, we have spent over 30 years at 214 N. 34th Street and I am sure that each one of you holds countless memories at the Chapter House. The fact that our current graduates do not have a Chapter House to live in, socialize, hold ritual, or events severely limits their ability to have the same type of experience that we all had as undergraduates. The House has now been vacant for over four years and we would love the opportunity to allow our undergraduates to move back in as soon as possible.

Due to the hard work and determination of our ACB, the countless alumni volunteers, National, and our newest undergraduates we have successfully brought our Chapter back to campus after one of the most difficult times in our 55+ years. NOW is the time for each of you to step up to the plate, help us raise the necessary funds to keep the property at 214 N. 34th Street in tact as we know it today, and to provide our newest undergraduates with the same experience that all of us had. I assure all of you that if we do not act now, the property we all used to call home for many years will no longer be the same.

All direct donations can be made online and you can also see where stand against our total goal of $150,000. Donations or pledges of any amount will be accepted and greatly appreciated. When we hit our goal of $150,000 and all renovations are completed, we will hold an Alumni “House Warming” party where we will recognize all of those individuals who helped complete the necessary renovations to ensure that we can keep our chapter house for many years to come. We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you ASAP.

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Scott Pinchak
Delta Sigma Phi, Gamma Chi – ACB President

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